Precise requirements
To get “NF Environnement Ameublement”, the furniture pieces need to be conform to the tests (EN standard, NF standard…), but the factory shall be able to reproduce a constant quality. Then, you have environmental requirements concerning the process. For example, the factory does not release toxic substances in the soil or in the air…
get the rules of the standard

This mark is only applicable to good quality product.
The product (furniture) has to demonstrate its qualiy before it can pretend to the “NF Environnement Ameublement” certification.

This is a main difference between many “eco-label” which exist on the market, in which you can find environmental requirement without any performance of the product.

Before it can be certified, the piece of furniture has to reply to regulation.  For example, a changing unit In France has to reply to the French decret “ Article de puericulture”.

The furniture piece should be sustainable; it is why the furniture shall pas performance test and has to be conform to technical requirements mentioned in the NF rules. A changing unit shall answer to the requirements of NF ameublement for domestic furniture.

The company shall also be able to reproduce the qualitly of the product
, it is why, the company is audited by FCBA at least once a year.

The factory shall be either ISO 9000 or shall have a quality policy management. The company is also audited on this part as well as environmental policy. You can find specific criteria in the NF Environment ameublement rules.