Contrary to internal labelling or self-declarations, the NF Environnement mark is the only official French ecolabel. It is overseen by AFNOR Certification and is recognised by the Ministry for the Environment.

For furniture, the FCBA laboratories (technical industrial centre for wood and furniture companies) grant this certification to businesses who request it. In order to obtain it, the business must adhere to strict and demanding technical specifications laid out in the reference framework. Once it has been obtained, the business is free to display the NF Environnement mark on the furniture concerned.

This certification is particularly protective since it relies on five key demands:

Criteria concerning the entire life cycle of the furniture: each stage in the life of a piece of furniture can have an effect on the environment – raw materials, manufacturing process, transportation and also the end use of the furniture and its recycling.
Usage quality which is at least equivalent to that of other products: protecting the environment is good, but not when it is to the detriment of product quality. This is the environmental challenge – guaranteeing a level of quality which is identical to that of the best equivalent products.
A reference framework which is developed entirely transparently: the criteria are chosen in tandem with certification organisations, manufacturers, distributors and associations. Consult the reference framework
Throughout the duration of the certification regular checks are carried out to ensure environmental criteria are being adhered to: at any time, a product can lose its label and the criteria are regularly updated according to technological advances.
The NF Environnement mark has been recognized and supported by the public authorities since 1991.